from Barão de São João to Vila do Bispo, 24,7 km

Manage to talk a sandwitch out of the café.
First the trail goes up, through a pine forest, their branches forming a roof. Windturbines tower over the trees buzzing quietly. During first rest stop Sara overtakes me and the German couple has also been seen behind me. I thought that everyone left earlier.
Last mountain views then the landscape is flat with strong wind. I pass a herd of cows watched over by a dozen dogs who all look different. Rest stop under a solitary tree. No-one in sight except for a big beetle.
More and more windturbines. It's not exactly ugly but very surreal.
Crossing the highway has this time been organized in a totally confusing manner. Finally I just walk straight over the roundabout to the place where the trail could continue. It does continue there. On the other side of the highway are a lot of flowers and no shade. I sit in reed after stealing a mandarine. The sea comes into view.
When I approach Vila da Bispo then my soles start to hurt. Portuguese tape glues all toes together which is not comfortable. The church welcomes me with an especially long musical piece.
Most of restaurants and places are closed because they have big Friday here. Luckily Sara draw my attention to this possibility a few days ago so I discovered that all accommodations are full. Via Airbnb I found José. He has a house that has been empty for 40 years and belonged to his mother. Now he repairs it step-by-step with the help of volunteers. First there's an excursion to get to know the dog, the turtle and two chicken. The chicken are unhappy because the rooster is gone. Before the neighbours were unhappy because the rooster started at four in the morning. Next to my bed is a real flower. Otherwise they like artificial flowers here. An opportunity to use the washing machine. This will be my home for two nights now. It might be wise to make some more bookings.
from Marmelete to Bensafrim and Barão de São João, 36,6 km
V.d.Bispo-Cabo de S.Vicente-V.d.Bispo, 17,1+14,8 km

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