from Marmelete to Bensafrim and Barão de São João, 36,6 km

We fall asleep to the sound of grasshopers. The male German snores.
In the morning I find out that omelette is not breakfast, it is not available at that time. Only sandwich. A dog and two cats take care of he entertainment programme.
The weather surprises by being cloudy but this joy doesn't last long. Still it is good to walk for some time without sweating and there's more room in my boots. Since cloud-wrapped mountains is one of my weaknesses so Sara walks long ahead and scares the wild boars.
A few villages, a lot of asphalt. Monotonous broad valley. The river is a meager stream. Although there are no climbs today our steps are rather heavy. The heat fries my brain and we're generally tired as well. It is a long day again. 30 km but in the end there's no accommodation so another 6 kilometers are added. The competing Germans got up earlier but we move faster.
Landscape is dotted with wind turbines and solar panels as if to remind me that some time ago it was in the news that whole Portugal ran for a week entirely on renewable energy. It is doable.
In Bensafrim there are many cafes and a shop where we can't turn around with our big bags. After the town Sara stays to camp and I continue until the next inhabited place. We made a good team. Her book with prices of accommodations and descriptions how to get there, my maps and gps. She dragged me up the mountains although she planned to quit in Furnazinhas. When we didn't stay silent in unison then we talked about languages, hiking and enviroment. Possibly we'll meet again on the trail or at least in the end.
Through cork oaks, past villas and pigs. Barão de São João is a nice small town that contains many tourists. There are tents on the main street. The accommodation isn't difficult to find. The boy speaks English and wants to know if it's hard to walk alone. I don't quite get what he means but it would be too complicated to explain that I actually wasn't walking alone but the other one is camping somewhere is someone's orchard right now. Cleaning isn't quite finished yet, carpets and some other items are placed on higher ground. I spread them around as I see fit.
In the restaurant I manage in Portuguese unfil asking for WiFi password. A dark cloud appears. No stargazing for Sara tonight.
from Monchique to Marmelete, 16,6 km
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