from Cachopo to Barranco do Velho, 30,27 km

Damn male chicken start with crowing contest at four o'clock.
We create a small misunderstanding with breakfast but I still get my cheese sandwiches. Sara's are escorted back to the kitchen. Cachopo is a really big village, here are pedestrian crossing, atm and a shop where to buy batteries. We leave all this load of civilization behind in order to walk over the heart of Serra do Caldeirćo which is the most sceninc and the most demanding part of the trail. Today's trail profile looks like a cardiogram. The trail starts to go up and down immediately. The hills are aranged in layers, green ones in front, blue ones behind. The views are nice indeed but we are totally baked by the time we reach the café in Perizes. When we comment the heat then the lady in café just shrugs "primavera!" Spring? This is the time when snow has almost melted and first tiny flowers stick themselves out of the ground.
The climbs are impressive even with the pleasant wind. With each ascent I stay more and more behind Sara. Ahead are two more uphills then shower and beer. First hotel where they ask for our documents and some people speak some English. We have reached the edge of civilization. Time to admit that we are sore all over.
from Furnazinhas to Vaqueiros and Cachopo, 35,69 km
from Barranco do Velho to Salir and Alte, 30,27 km

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