from Furnazinhas to Vaqueiros and Cachopo, 35,69 km

Eight o'clock is the earliest that we managed to negotiate for breakfast.
Our hosts reveals weather forecast for the week and its not good. The f_ing sun is going to keep on shining. We all receive two oranges before we leave. And I also make a sandwitch and take one boiled egg from breakast table.
Today we walk together with Sara. For the first part of the road we are accompanied by the village dog who refuses to turn back. We call her Bella. Then, looking her lifting her leg, we decide that its either Bello or a feminist dog. After about five kilometers she gets tired. This track is obviously too much for her short legs and she stays in the middle of the road looking after us sadly. Hopefully she'll remember home after we have disappeared from sight.
We use one shadow that's kind of deficit here so that I could change long pants for shorts. A bit ahead of us apears Manfred who stayed behind in Furnazinhas. He has cheated and made a shortcut. The shortcut was pretty obvious on the map but we weren't yet that desperate. He goes ahead but we catch him soon and leave behind.
We make decent speed and only a few rest stops. So we are in Vaqueiros already at one. This would be one day's journey. There are an accommodation and a restaurant in Vaqueiros. We have decided to walk at least 10 more kilometers. A bunch of old men drink beer in front of the restaurant. A woman comes and I ask if she has something to eat. She shows that I should follow her inside where on a table is a big pot and two used plates. I get a mountain of vegetables with meat which are probably the leftovers of her lunch. It is possible that the thought of selling it to a tourist was made on the run. She sells us also two apples the same way. Now when I have a lunchpack there's so much food. We eat and then go to have a look at the church which looked like a wedding cake from far. I create a spontaneous fountain in front of it. Then we sit for an hour in front of the restaurant for the sun to go down a bit and look at local life. Old men and women, only one younger guy. This is probably a disappearing world.
Today it is better to walk because there's a steady cool breeze. After lunch there are a couple of long ascents but with the sun being lower the hills offer shade and nicer views. Landscape had gotten some structure. In addition to pines there are cork oaks and eukalyptus.
There is an accommodation in Casas Baixas as an old couple sitting on the stone fence confirmes. But we have already decided to continue until Cachopo. Only four kilometers are left anyway. Tomorrow the landscape will be more challenging and quite long way to go. So we continue walking. Bird sings, frogs make noise and it smells of fresh grass and sheep manure.
The accommodation in Cachopo is above the restaurant. Shower and dinner and beer. Hopefully Bella is safely home.
from Balurcos to Furnazinhas, 15,43 km
from Cachopo to Barranco do Velho, 30,27 km

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