from Vila do Bispo to Carrapateira, 22,6 + 5,9 km

Breakfast is vegan because the hosts are vegan.
I ask how do they manage and José explains that they have some special places where to go when they want to eat outside or they just eat sidedishes, like soup, rice or salads. I also find out what is with the signs I've seen in some places that say 'no to oil in Algarve'. There is a plan to do research in the sea near to the coast of Algarve to find out if there could be oil. Algarve's economy is mainly based on fishing and tourism. If anything would go wrong with oil drilling then the economy would collapse. Like the 1755 Lisbon eartquake. Besides, the government would not win much because it are foreign businessmen who are behind these plans.
Sky is a mix of blue and white. The landscape is flat at first with some collections of trees here and there. It smells of grass, corn and flowers. Fóia and Picota still blueish in the background. Somehow it seems unbelievable that a few days ago I stood on top of them. Many people walk on this trail which makes it necessary to go away from the path for changing pants or to pee.
I reach some valleys and hills but it seems that it is easier to walk towards Carrapateira because there are less steep climbs that way. Well, the altitude scale is anyway only up to 50 meters, not 700. I pass a pond where frogs chase after each other.
About on half the way is the village of Pedralva. No more romantic ruins, only glistening white. The restaurant is full of people. Reception is cold. Sounds more like 'what do you want from here'. How many persons are you etc. After hearing many times that I wish to eat the girl says that she needs this table for lunch. Hm? Smaller table still moves from sunshine into shadow but there are only drinks and sandwiches in the menu. Lunch? After ordering a sandwitch I notice that other tables have bigger menus. What the hell. One is supposed to drag a big backpack over these hills with only a sandwitch and those who drive from one restaurant to the next have earned a three-course meal? This place would certainly need a book of complaints that they advertise here so often. I understand that people have commercial value only in groups but it still isn't very wise to start reducing the tip even before I've sat down. One more reason to avoid touristic places.
Ahead is a lovely green valley where one river has to be crossed six times. Sweet pea climbs on burdock and otherwise too the plants that my grandma has diligently collected in her garden just randomly grow here all over the place. A man crawls next to the road and looks at the flowers through a magnifier. Soon the sea comes into view over the next hill and the white heap of houses of Carrapateira. A lot of eateries and people. The accommodation seems to belong to the French and the staff is Dutch. Does this qualify as supporting the local economy?
The Fisherman's trail makes a 10 kilometer loop so I wonder off there. First through flowers and sand dunes then through people and cars. Surfers, swimmers, sunbathers. The trail should prevent people walking all over the vegetation. Here is even a wooden path but this doesn't disturb everyone making their own path. I settle on a platform further away where I can't see people. The coast is beautiful of course. Sit there for a while. Since it is too late to walk the whole loop I go back the same way to have dinner.
V.d.Bispo-Cabo de S.Vicente-V.d.Bispo, 17,1+14,8 km
from Carrapateira to Arrifana, 24,4 km

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