from Carrapateira to Arrifana, 24,4 km

The rich breakfast is as colorful as the rest of the arrangement.
The Dutchman who is learning his job at the hotel looks like Marsel twenty years later. Or maybe they all look like that in the Netherlands.
A rare moment of FB irony when last night there was a message 'Anneli, the forecast shows the clouds clearing tomorrow in Aljezur. Enjoy the sunshine!' In real life it means pushing yourself through the heat while the trail goes up and down. I can almost see the sunrays that fall on Earth and set everything on fire. Going is very slow.
The only village on the way is Bordeira where I play with a dog to entertain a woman sitting in front of her door and where locals say hi to a foregner sipping coffee in the café. Masstourism hasn't arrived here yet.
We race for shades with a German couple. When one finds a place then it forces the other to move on in search of the next tree. One valley has many trees and I can observe a couple going the opposite direction to pick and choose trees. Today is such a lazy day that the smartest thing to do is to sit under a tree and go nowhere. I listen to birds, insects, frogs and wind. Goats block the way and it results in goat portraits.
When I'm totally exhausted then there finally is a striped rock falling into the sea and next to it something that reminds me of the stack in Reynisfjara. I sit on grass to enjoy the view, wind and eat last piece of bread. Where bread is eaten, crumbles fall (Arrifana proverb). The information that here are bread crumbles spreads fast among the ants. Soon two lines are formed. Ants that come with emtpy hands (mouth) and ants that leave dragging a tiny piece of bread. Difficult to get up without crushing the workforce. That should keep them busy the whole afternoon.
Another climb, then is Arrifana. A spread-out vacation village. Today is hostel to balance the splurge close to the end. The room smells of cleanliness and there is no-one yet. Breakfast is included and at sunset a free glass of wine. I bathe the socks. Since I don't intend to go anywhere more today I take a beer and burger from the hostel reception. Then I ask about a shop. I have nothing to eat for tomorrow on the way. The shop is after two roundabouts and walking there takes 30 minutes. It closes in 45 minutes. So I hurry five more kilometers to the shop and back. Walking over the roundabouts is not new, new is steppig on snake plants. It seems like I've spent the burger with this so I take an ice-cream for my way back.
Tomorrow it should be 30 degrees. My field worker's sun tan will deepen.
Toenail is purple. Probably gangrene.
from Vila do Bispo to Carrapateira, 22,6 + 5,9 km
from Arrifana to Aljezur, 19,5 km

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