diary of a hotel resident

I got the cup and the spoon.
Yesterday morning I saw how it’s done. You have to fill up your cup after finishing breakfast and then walk out with it, explaining the staff that you go to your room with it. In the room it is advisable to hide it so the cleaning team could not take it away.
I didn’t let the cleaners in my room at all today. Hung a sign on my door with the suggestion not to disturb me. There’s no sign with the suggestion not to clean today.
I do some important stuff, go for lunch and then do some less important stuff. Around the hotel corner one can buy pineapple and get a handful on sliced mango on top of it. Raw but free.
The security guards of the restaurant don’t part fighting dogs today, they just smile.
Today is hotter and the 200 meters walk to the restaurant is maximum travel distance on foot outside.
I have an appointment with one important man for Sunday. If something will happen until then will to be seen.
Loud noise is outside in the evening and when I go out it starts to rain almost immediately. Big drops. Locals run for cover. I have a small technical problem with running. So I look like I’d been to shower with all my clothes on by the time I reach the restaurant although the second half of the way some locals took me under their umbrella and passed me on to each other. It thunders so that the windows tremble. For the way back over the intersection I get a taxi.
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