Ohepalu, Udriku bog pools

It is already dark when we arrive in Ohepalu and park next to a gravel road.
Big Dipper is straight above our heads and a narrow strip of Moon visible through the trees. A quick diner, reading and a short sleep. The alarm sounds at four.
Still dark outside and we wake up the birds. They start to sing immediately and present an early concert by common chaffinch, European robin and song thrush. A rather dark path leads towards the bog. Soon we turn from it to reach the bog pools.
The bog has more trees than we expected so we don't actually need our bog shoes but just have the pleasure of dragging them along.
A pair of common crane sings their duet somewhere very close to us. We can also hear a black grouse and a green sandpiper flies past, making his funny noise. The sun paints water golden and rises slowly above the trees.
Next we head towards a bog island where there's always something interesting. Bear footprints in the moss and grouse's shit some distance away. There are old dead trees standing on the island. Just a short distance away and it looks like a whole other world. A bit further are firs in rows which is weird. Someone had put out his/her cigarette on a tree stump, what a stupid thing to do. Otherwise the forest is nice. We find the trail again and head back along it to the car.
a walk from Kloogaranna to Paldiski
Emajõe great swamp

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