Slættaratindur and Fossá

Weather looks cloudier than said in the forecast.
I still go to check if it would be possible to climb Slættaratindur. Slættaratindur or flat peak is the highest mountain on the Faroe Islands, 880 m and I can see it from my window. From up the mountain it is possible to see all the islands with clear weather and some claim even to see Iceland. Specialists doubt it however. Today probably even not all the islands would show themselves.
I hear shooting in the parking lot and put bright orange rain cover over my backpack. It would be silly to get shot here being held a hare. Trampled trail is well visible and goes fast. The top is very close when I start to sink knee-deep in snow and wind tries to blow me away. View is awesome nevertheless. Mostly huge green sharp mountains. Get back down just to be on the safe side. Must come back here on a less windy day.
From up I could see Fossá waterfall. It is supposed to the be most dramatic waterfall here. Since I now have a lot of time and no plans I go to have a look at the water. It falls on two steps and wind hurls it back and forth. A map shows a path up to the place between the two steps. So up I go. Sun is just hitting the top of Slættaratindur. It is possible to walk behind the upper part of the waterfall. Having fun with the waterfall and watching the water takes as much time as climbing Slættaratindur.
moving to Eysturoy
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