from Alavere to Nikerjärve, 28,6 km

Today there are mostly gravel roads and I have to reach Aegviidu before five. The trail makes a 10 km loop to cross a river. It could be possible to avoid this and go straight. When I get on the spot it's clear where the problem is. Private property. After analyzing the situation a moment I decide to go against the will of private land owner and go check out the river. Wide but shallow, no mud on the ground. Doable. After removing shoes and pants I get in and realize that there's nowhere to go on the other side. It's quite high and there grows thick vegetation. Well, I flatten some grass and climb out, find a space to put back pants and shoes and send my apologies to the land owner. Lot of time saved.
After that there are very nice forest roads mostly with pines, lined with wild strawberries.
In Aegviidu I get my food for the next 5 days and continue to Nikerjärve lake. Water in the lake is very warm. Some other hikers arrive and we have a friendly chat with a guy who is traveling on bike.
from Saula to Alavere, 22,6 km
from Nikerjärve to Matsimäe, 36,4 km

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