from Saula to Alavere, 22,6 km

Everything is silent in the morning, except for ducks and white rabbit and small grey kitten in the yard. The clothes I washed yesterday are not dry yet. While I pack, some of the staff appear and give me hot water for my usual breakfast. No breakfast is served there. (the place is called Viikngi küla by the way)
It's cloudy but does not rain. The trail is mostly forest but different forest all the time. Some wet, some dry, some hilly. An elk has used the trail before me.
After ice-cream stop in Kose-Uuemõisa it gets more wild. First I scare a hare away who waits silently by the road until I almost step on it. Then there are some lovely small paths and some flower jungle and suddenly something barks at me with white teeth flashing. The badger realizes that I'm bigger and noisily retreats. Some bigger animal runs away from next to the road but I don't get a glimpse of it. As next entertainment I notice something moving under me and present an improvised irish war dance in order not to step on the viper. Viper makes an S-shaped figure, is not very impressed and leaves without saying a word. Soon after that and 3,5 km before Alavere it starts to rain. I still have to get water from Maademäe stream because there's no water in Alavere camp site. The stream looks fine.
Rain stops for a while when I reach the camp site so I can pitch my tent where the sun has had the most time to dry the ground.
Late in the evening Kalle arrives and brings me his rainproof jacket. Wonderful. Gets my not so rainproof jacket in return.
from Metsanurme to Saula, 35 km
from Alavere to Nikerjärve, 28,6 km

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