from Nikerjärve to Matsimäe, 36,4 km

It rains in the morning and everything takes more time. It is unconfortable to move myself, all things damp or wet. New jacket justifies itself right away, I feel warm and dry in it.
Mostly gravel roads today but nice ones. Except one forest section after Valgehobusemägi. And crossing over Kakerdaja bog which has the longest wooden path going through it of all Estonian bogs. Clouds are blue of all shades. Fifty shades of blue. Sun starts to peak through.
Yesterday's cyclist catches up with me and so we walk together until the two trails separate again. It was nice talking to someone for change.
Then there's massive amount of wild strawberries. And wind and birds and butterflies.
At Matsimäe are a family and three young men with bicycles. Someone has picked a bouquet of flowers. Water in the lake is chilly.
from Alavere to Nikerjärve, 28,6 km
from Matsimäe to Rava, 29,2 km

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