from Matsimäe to Rava, 29,2 km

Everything is dry in the morning.
Trail starts with two bogs. Often I just stand and look. Between them is forest, Kollassaare community house, Järva-Madise church and Tammsaare museum. The last establishment was supposed to offer food but no such luck. Only coffee. And a friendly cat.
It starts to rain before Aravete and there's also a small confusion with the trail. It suddenly stops in a private yard with no explanation except for a sign about an angry dog. No dog to be seen. Since the trail seems to continue on the other side of cows' yard, I pay a short visit to the cows. After a while there's the trail again and some raspberries. No shop visible in Aravete (there should be at least one actually).
Next attraction is climbing up and down skiing hills and fighting wet grass.
In Rava camp site there's no covered place except the place for firewood. So I temporarily move in there and then go swimming. The sun appears.
from Nikerjärve to Matsimäe, 36,4 km
from Rava to Oostriku, 40,9 km

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