from Rava to Oostriku, 40,9 km

Very long day. For some reason it takes me a long time to get ready in the morning. Weather is nice, sun and almost blue skies. Soon clouds start to gather but no rain. Very strong wind. Even birds and insects battle with the wind.
The trail is gravel roads for the most part but also some stretches of forest are included. I'm surrounded by green and yellow fields, forests in the background.
It's possible to eat food that has been cooked by someone else in Järva-Jaani and Koeru. I use both of these options. Nice.
Camp site near Oostriku springs is small and water seems to be gurgling all around. But it gets damp and cold by the time I finish with my tea.
from Matsimäe to Rava, 29,2 km
from Oostriku to Siimusti, 33,5 km

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