from Metsanurme to Saula, 35 km

It does not rain in the morning which is good. Nothing is dry anyway. Takes me a lot of time to make fire and even then there's more smoke than flame.
A lot of paved road for beginning and after that a lot of forest. Real wild forest where wild boars have digged up some of the path. I see none of them though, only mosquitoes. Some of the walk goes through green tunnels, some is jumping over wet ground. The trail marks are good in the forest, not very much so in other places.
Walk 10 non-planned kilometers for getting a hot shower and drying my stuff. Otherwise I would of stayed in the previous camp site. The accommodation place is a bit funny, has it's own special style but it's nice to have a roof above my head for a change, not to speak of washing and dinner cooked by someone else and not coming out of a can. A friend arrives to join me for dinner. Lovely.
from Padise to Metsanurme, 47,01 km
from Saula to Alavere, 22,6 km

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