from Padise to Metsanurme, 47,01 km

This day had two parts: interesting and sunny one and wet and hard one. Until Rummu the trail marks are virtually nonexistant. Some have clearly been taken away or damaged by local idiots.
When the ash hill of Rummu suddenly appears through the forest, it is an impressive view. Rummu had a mine and a prison, both of which were submerged on purpose. Now there's a lake that has a strange turquois color when the sun shines at a certain angle and dead trees and remains of old buildings still visible through the water. Local attraction is diving to the houses where the furniture is still in place. Surreal.
Path around the north shore of the lake is a real jungle path climbing up and down, through thick grass and trees. At some point it is necessary to climb over a wall. Latvians who are camping on the other side look mildly surprised.
The lake is inhabited by lot of birds, you can hear them screaming or when walking silently, could step on some.
I use the opportunity to swim. Water is very refreshing. Better not to look down though, might see strange things.
A friend arrives to cheer me after a while which is nice.
Then I'm in a hurry because I'm trying to reach Metsanurme camping site which is really far. The camp sites here have an uncomfortable distance between them. Too short for one day but too long when combined.
There's some agricultural landscape and Vasalemma manor and long stretches of gravel road. And time for ice cream at Vasalemma shop.
At about three o'clock it starts to rain. First just a drizzle, then then the real thing. When at first I thought wild camping was an option then now it is not anymore. I continue like a robot, there are now more puddles on the road than is puddle-free. Frogs, snails and cows are enjoying themselves. Approaching the river the trail changes into a narrow footpath surrounded by high grass that adds to the wetness.
There is no covered table at Metsanurga camp site, no covered fire place, no toilet. Luckily there is a covered place of some kind where I can change and store my bag. A cyclist is already there and offers me to use his gas cooker for boiling water. Super nice of him.
from Vihterpalu to Padise, 27,8 km
from Metsanurme to Saula, 35 km

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