from Oostriku to Siimusti, 33,5 km

In the morning all the dampness from springs has risen to form a cover before sun. The day offers gravel roads and more gravel roads. It's nice to look at fields of hay or corn and some stretches of forest but not so to see a gravel road continuing strait ahead into infinity. A passing man in a car offers me a lift but I stay firm and walk.
My motivation has risen by an offer to sleep in a room and eat pavlovas before that. A deal. I was supposed to stay at my mother's tomorrow but two nights in a bed sounds even better than one night in a bed. Besides, it gives me the opportunity to walk with a small bag for a day which is reasonable considering that no day of rest is planned.
Shower, pavlova and chatting in Mokko. Then off to bed.
from Rava to Oostriku, 40,9 km
from Siimusti to Patjala, 24,3 km

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