from Siimusti to Patjala, 24,3 km

It was really good to sleep in a bed for a change. My sister takes me back to Siimusti in the morning and it's a pleasure to walk without the heavy backpack. The joy disappears a bit when 7 kilometers of paved road follow. It's strange, as if they'd ceased to make a trail here. In Härjanurme it turns back to gravel.
Härjanurme has a fish farm and they offer food on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, from 11 to 22. Luckily it is Sunday and it's exactly 11 o'clock. Fish tastes good. It's possible to catch the fish oneself but I skip it. Sun comes out.
Next are fields and forest, flowers, frogs. A guy in a passing car offers me a ride but I continue walking. Nice views after Kassinurme over hilly Vooremaa. And then I already see my destination for today, Patjala village and the house where my grandfather was born. The trail goes through our land here.
My sister comes and picks me up and off we are to take a swim in Saare lake. In the evening there's barbecue and stuff.
from Oostriku to Siimusti, 33,5 km
from Patjala to Papi, 35,1 km

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