8th day, 32,8 km, from Tillniidu to Kellissaare

There's thick fog in the morning. Good for walking, not hot, not raining, no flies. Smell of corn hangs in the air, birds fly away from the side of the road.
The 4 meters wide ditch has got a sturdy bridge. I’ve seen photos of people carrying their bicycles over it, in water up to their navel.
By the time I get to Mukri bog the sun is out and it’s sizzling hot. I almost step on a small snake. He’s not poisonous. Eidapere lake in the middle of the bog is a nice refreshment. And there’s an especially high watching tower. No people.
After the bog is a camp site, I have a picnic and dry my clothes I washed yesterday. Then it looks like thunder. I manage to avoid the cloud but walk next to it. Real special effects.
Kellissaare camping area is after some really long and strait stretches of gravel. And it can be occupied by party people on weekends. I wasn’t prepared for that. But it’s possible to go swimming.
7th day, 26,4 km, from Loosalu to Tillniidu
9th day, 31 km, from Kellisaare to Hüpassaare

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