Starting from twelve o'clock it could be raining. There's a dark cloud almost overhead. I make a quick swim before the beginning of rain.
In the joint kitchen it's possible to boil water. I had planned to do that in front of my cabin but rain changes my plans. Finish my coffee fast though because the amount of children in the kitchen exceeds my abilities of endurance.
Outside are two rainbows, one end of one of them is on boat pier.
When the rain stops then I read a book of Daniel Vaarik, sitting in front of my cabin and trying not to laugh too loud. Rain clouds disappear, now only lone summer clouds are left. These are somehow hazy here (and don't tell me that clouds everywhere look alike, it's the same as to say that all Chinese and Japanese look alike).
Kayak rental will open at 12. I take my waterproof bags, spare clothes, bikinis and a book of course. There's some wind but not as much as yesterday. Sunshine also makes me more optimistic about waves.
I buy an ice-cream from the kayak rental kiosk until the lady there calls her husband to come and instruct me. I get some maps, life vest, compass, sandwich and a man with a paddle arrives. Bringing the paddle seems to have been his only function. We have already selected the kayak with his wife. Kayak is red and it's called Dagger. I install myself into it and head towards some place. Anyway, first I have to pass through a tunnel. Kayak feels a lot more unstable than canoe but I hit the tunnel. There's still some wind. Enough adrenaline for me. For sea people the water is calm.
There are the options of going to Kälskär or just hang around. Kälskär is a small island about five kilometers south, there are various strange stones shaped by the elements and a garden of some count. Instead I land on a small islet where on the wind-still-side are low rocks and between those ideal place for kayak harbor. Swim a bit but the water here is colder than in all previous places put together. Book reading, sea watching and picture taking. A rain cloud passes from the west. Wind is chilly, I guess it's not more than 15 degrees. With no wind and keeping low near ground is warm enough. So that's why they build these low houses - less wind. Waves sparkle in the sunlight. Ducks live around the corner. Half a rainbow around the sun.
A snake comes from the water, maybe grass-snake. Black but I see no yellow dots. The Finns are not supposed to have more snakes than we, are they? He/she smells the air and circles around the stone I'm on. Then decides that some animal already lives there and disappears into the grass. Now I keep a more closer eye on the surroundings.
Wind seems to die down and I go on to make a small tour before heading back. In the open water there's more wind and it takes some effort. Going back is against wind and that is more pleasant because speed seems to be faster. Also it is easier to steer the kayak against the waves and I don't have to look over my shoulder to look what is coming all the time.
Back at the kiosk at 18:08. Damn, the restaurant which is a couple of kilometers from here was closed at six. Don't want a hamburger so I go to check if our camping has thought of something new. No, the same pie with salad. I add pancake to my menu, still better than nothing.
Sun is still high and I walk to the church. Someone plays piano inside. Three youngsters from Finland improvising. From the ceiling hang ship models. The church has been built for St Anna. Today's building stands here since 1784. Next to it are remains of a Franciscan monastery from the 14th century.
Lovely light around the church, I climb on the rocks and look at the sea. Today there are less clouds around setting sun and less colors.
Only 12 km cycling today.
Grasshoppers yell around the cabin.

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