some stops before Esfahan

In order to get the first taste of Iran we meet Nasser near the market in Tabriz. He is a famous travel agent mentioned in LP.
Following his advice we visit the market and then drive to Kandowan. It is cold and rainy. People live inside of stone, as he puts it. The Blue Mosque is not blue at all.
Next stop is Sanandaj. One terrible hotel and one very expensive hotel. The rest are full due to some unknown reason. We spend the day driving to the Iraqi border for visiting a lake that is hidden by thick rain cloud and for eating in a restaurant that is closed. Instead we see many Kurdish men who wear wide trousers.
It still rains in Kermanshah. We look at Taq-e-Bostan, a rock relief from the 4th century. Get invited for tea. Lot of garbage.
Lorestan again has its own culture and language. We like its capital Khorammabad because the sun comes out and it gets warm. Visit the castle, walk through the cemetery, taste local beer. Non-alcoholic of course.
entering Iran

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