At first I cram everything into my smaller backpack but it seems that tripod, rubber boots and thick pants don't get along there very well. And crampons.
These are necessary if I don't want wind to blow me off this land made of ice.
I move all stuff into bigger backpack where now is so much space that the tripod thougtfully sways from side to side. Back-up sweater and thicker hat that I already had put back to the closet come out again to support it.
While moving towards my destination I read what Tui has written about life in Reykjavík. Reykjavík's bookshops sell wollen socks and iced coffee and are open until ten in the evening. Coffee is strong in Iceland. It's a country where from birth on everybody matters. I feel like a representative of a big nation. There are three times as much Estonians and everyone doesn't matter.
Keflavík airport is 45 minutes from the capital. Around the airport is wet emptiness, cloud touches the ground.
Feeling lazy I buy a ticket to flybus although I have checked other local bus options. It also means that I don't know the name of the hotel that is located in the same street with my accommodation and where I should ask myself to be delivered for simplicity's sake. During the whole bus ride a full rainbow leans against the cloud. It is difficult to understand what keeps it there because there's no sign of sun. Through wet window flickers brown field.
In bus station the tourists are divided into smaller busses and I escape. I can see Hallgrimskirkja and the accommodation should be somewhere between me and the church. The phone has no internet connection but luckily I also have gps. Odinsgata is not difficult to find.
I'm staying in a homestay that doesn't do any good to Reykjavík's dwelling market. Anna Maria has just finishing cleaning. I get instructions about life in the capital and a map. It is a lovely garden house and I can set room temperature myself.
Wind has cleared the streets of people. I head for the nearest eatery which is Snaps and dine in the bar for lack of available seats elsewhere. Noisy, crowded, with a view into kitchen.
Later the wind has settled a bit so I wander along dark streets, find Harpa and the church and the ship sceleton by the sea.
It seems that there are very many Icelandic words that I don't know.
for start
culture and sun

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