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The charts from autumn and winter considered Iceland to be by far the safest travel destination.
Of course, there are only earthquakes in regular intervals, vulcano eruptions after every five years, glaciers melted by hot lava that take with it roads and houses when racing towards the sea, giant waves that sweep Americans and Chinese into ocean and the option to step into hot mud on hiking trail. Not to mention everlasting cold wind and seasons that change many times a day.
Preparations have been unprecedentedly thorough. Language learning with a new method, Icelandic music, Icelandic movies in PÖFF (Black Nights Film Festival), sagas as well as in English translation as in KUMU's (Estonian National Art Museum) exhibition, daily politics and introduction into geology. Sagas by the way are bussinesslike in a nordic style describing the everyday life of vikings in 10-11 century. Marriage, killing eachother and trade. Very matter-of-fact, not pages after pages of tears and fine talk like the Georgians have it. News are a bit funny but Iceland probably is a little like village life. In the middle of January the first families of Syrian refugees arrived, the prime minister greeted them in the airport so that they became local celebrities for a few days. Whole nation could watch in the news how the kids jumped into swimming pool while it was snowing all around them. In the beginning of February some guys connected with the banking crisis again got real prison sentences. In the end of the news program a joyful young man usually explains something about sports to the news anchor who listens politely and then says, ok, very nice but let's hear about the weather now.
And because of this trip I have re-read Svejk again. It might seem that Iceland has nothing to do with Svejk but that's so only at the first glance. The thing is that Svejk was the only audio-book in Icelandic in a web-store which was available to foreigners and which I had read before. So it arrived in November in my post box as an mp3 and has been playing in my car ever since. In order to get a better understanding of what's happening I've been reading the Estonian version in parallel. Be as it may but my vocabulary now contains a lot of Czech place names with Icelandic pronunciation and I can say that we'll win this war and it's not my fault. Could be helpful.
The weather is around zero and despite the strong wind my winter jacket seemed like an overkill. So I ventured to my usual sports' store and filed a complaint that the thinner jacket they sold me two years ago doesn't have enough pockets. They gave me a new one, which has an ugly color but has a load of pockets. Two pairs of socks on top of that.

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