ice, more ice

Wake-up earlier than yesterday to catch an even better sunrise. The cloud situation looks promising but most of the ice has left the beach.
I walk towards the horizon, take pictures of stones and look around just like that. A black bird flashes between the waves. The rest of the group has dutifully found a piece of ice each and wait. The waves are different today and not at all cooperative.
After breakfast everyone has time to choose a picture for public criticizing. A bit frightening but I decide to look at it like Marsel's impro-solo for which I can give a piece of inspiration and be the audience. During lunch the plan is changed because weather has turned out to be too beautiful for sitting inside. Very reasonable. We drive to the glacier lagoon where all the crowds are. With a reason of course. Giant fragments of ice swim towards the sea together with their reflections. Among them some seals. I make a zilion seal-pictures. Seals rest on ice, sunbathe and look at people.
After one and a half hour we have to decide if we go to the beach for more ice or stay to look at the ice that is in the lagoon. I opt for the lagoon and it seems that the rest of the gang goes to the beach. I climb a hill with a view, of course. On the other side of the water mountains push out of hazy clouds. Below ice and seals move past. Bigger masses of people show where the seals are the closest to the shore. Massive swan overfly. Later I still find Gail by the lagoon.
Then fast-dinner becase it is necessary to go hunting for northern lights. My phone also gave a aurora-alert earlier (yes, there's an app). On the way we see a pond, equipped with reflections. Everyone out.
In the planned place there's a light stripe in the sky. Marsel and Daniella think that aurora coming from that side might be better to photograph at the lagoon. So we rush over there. The promptness is impressive but such speeding doesn't ultimately mean a good luck with the aurora. There are people waving their flash lights at the lagoon (hey, my torch shows farther than yours!) and a giant cloud approaching that soon covers the entire sky. Back to our previous position. There are a few green hazy spots but soon the cloud is there as well. Nothing special. Shades of grey.
Travelling with retired people means that fellow passangers don't have the ability to walk very much and that can be a bit annoying in the long run.
ice in various shapes
going North

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