going North

In the morning we attack the ice on the beach once more with a smaller group. An additional delivery of it was supposed to have arrived there last night.
The sun takes cover at first but then slowly pastel colors appear. There really are enormous amounts of ice and I play a bit with the waves. Then I make portraits of ice and watch how a Japanese guy tries to take over Marsel's piece of ice and falls on his back after the first wave hits. The lighter it gets the more people whisks around between the ice.
After breakfast we drive to Höfn airport. Reflections of snowcapped mountains lay around in the ponds and raindeers roam next to the road. A tiny airplane takes us to Akureyri. As there was no scheduled flight that would suit us so this is a hired plane. You can have anything in your luggage, no passport check and everyone sits where he likes. And makes dozens of pictures each direction. There's an excursion as well. We fly over the wild center of Iceland, the biggest glacier, the highest mountains and the most dangerous volcano Bárðabunga that erupted last year and created the biggest lava field. Below are mainly powdery edges, then pattern-covered mountains and finally Akureyri, the second-biggest city of Iceland. The airplane makes a circle over it.
In town sushi and new mittens. To the hotel, offloading of luggage and to Góðafoss. There's water. A lot of water. Comes from somewhere with great speed, falls down and rushes towards the sea. Cool of course. Góðafoss is a waterfall with two branches with a gargoyle in the middle. But I guess that waterfalls are not very much my thing. Or maybe there has just already been too much of them. I hide my camera rather quickly away from the spray, rest my chin on the tripod and just look at the gushing water. At the same time I personify an allegory 'I am the camera with all the filters, lenses, depths of focus and memory cards'. Later there's an opportunity to go to the other side of the waterfall to photograph it from there. Probably looks the same. So I join the part of the group that goes back to the hotel.
Just before bedtime a greenish line appears above the hotel and gets a whooping greeting. The line broadens, lightens up and flutters back and forth. Nice.
ice, more ice
weird landscapes

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