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There was a sun eclipse in the morning. Luckily the sky over Iceland was in thick clouds otherwise I would of been very sorry to have missed it.
Because of the weather I also didn't have to go to photograph the sunrise without breakfast today. I could just be lazy because gray and rainy weather looked in from the window. After some initial slowness I still start to go and see some sights. There a two of these on my list. Deildartunguhver is a place where 180 liters of hot water in a second gushes out from the earth. It is the biggest amount in Europe. Some populated places and many greenhouses get their heat and hot water from here. Steam. No-one around. I put my rainjacket on and inspect the site. There's not much that a visitor can see but something still. Suddenly a busload of Spaniards appears. They make their pictures and are gone in ten minutes. I play with the steam some more and survive two more carfulls of tourists.
Next is a waterfall. I know that waterfall already was but Hraunfossar is a different kind of waterfall. A whole canyon is lined with water flowing out of lava like long white hair. Awesome. Part of the stone has clearly been liquid some time ago. It rains a bit less and then comes a rainbow.
Now today's plans are exhausted and it is only two o'clock. I eat lunch and decide to spend the rest of the day with hot water pool and book. When I'm back at the hotel more and more sun comes out. Damn. I try to figure out someting to do in the neighborhood. On the other side of Borgarnes is Iceland's highest waterfall called Glymur. Actually it is the second-highest because a higher one was found somewhere up in a glacier but this is not famous yet. It is not possible to drive to the waterfall, you have to walk. Walking takes 3-4 hours according to different estimates. Taken into consideration that it starts to get dark around seven and it's 50 km away then I don't have that much time. So I decide to look how far I get. Just for the fun of being outdoors. Besides, there seems to be nothing else I can think of doing.
I have to go around Hvalfjörður which is allegedly the most beautiful bay in Iceland. It is beautiful indeed, especially when the sun comes out. The coolest rocks and light are of course in places where it's not possible to stop the car. Golden rock and blue water.
GPS knows Iceland quite well, only in a couple of places it tries to direct me to a field.
At five I am on the car park which means that I can walk one hour there and one hour back. First there's a mud track and a few streams. A sign says that somewhere a log is over a stream and a second sign under it says that the log is not there.
It is actually not possible to visit Glymur in winter but today is the first day of spring. No snow here. The track reaches the canyon and this is glorious even without the waterfall. Huge mossy rocks with a pattern of gulls' nests. The waterfall is not in sight but you can hear it. I have to climb a lot higher, through thicket, mud and water. The difference between thicket and forest is more drastic than between an Icelandic horse and a non-Icelandic horse.
The canyon gets more stunning, noice of the water gets louder and gulls yelp more intensively. Some rain, some wet snow. Exactly in an hour I'm up there. The speed has been a bit faster than I would like but no picture has left undone. I can see the upper part of the waterfall. The rest disappears into the canyon together with a cloud of waterdust. One should fly above the canyon to see all. The approaching cloud does not promise anything nice so I start descending. It is not easy because in addition to views into canyon some special effects begin over the sea. But I should be looking in front of my feet. Downpour starts 100 meters before the car park. Probably the coolest experience in Iceland so far. Somehow I've gotten all muddy in the process.
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