end of group travel

Sunrise is presented over the smoking fields of Hverir.
Land steams, mud boils, everything is colorful. When the sun sticks its rays out from behind the clouds then all the smoke starts to shine which is quite exhilarating view despite the smell of rotten eggs. We breathe it in for two hours and I can smell it on my clothes the rest of the day.
Breakfast and packing and photo review. Usually there's more reviewing on Daniella's and Marsel's trips but this time the weather has been too good for sitting inside. My photo is praised but the most credit should go to the weatherman who created an especially icelandic sky. But no-one else has thought of photographing fence poles.
Drive to the airport to flight back to the capital. The sky is clear, only near the horizon is a small line of clouds. Less and less snow.
Only 6 kilos of hand luggage is allowed on domestic flights which appears to be a real problem for hardcore photographers. Daniella and Marsel have their own method for dealing with it. The check-in is done in small squads and some of the things are left with the rest of group. In case the weight of the hand luggage should be controlled. Which has happened. Marsel's 'small bag' weighs 26 kilos. A decent camera exhibition shows up on the table of the waiting area.
The flight is bumpy. Ria and me divide cookies stolen from breakfast. Ria is an affable lady from the Netherlands. I find a local newspaper from the seat pocket. It says that spring has arrived and that Iceland plans to submit its central highlands to the UNESCO world heritage list.
We get a hold of our luggage and say goodbye with a lot of hugs. The rest are crammed into cars and delivered to their hotels. They were a lot nicer than I thougt they would be. But now I don't have to worry about leaving the room last so that I could switch off all the lights.
I wait in front of the airport building, the car is on the parking place but the guy from the rental company is late. I even call him already nervously. The rental company has no office in the domestic airport so we have agreed to meet at the door. A young man in shorts arrives, he is on his way to the gym. I meet the car. It's with manual shifting. This is a bit interesting at first but then I get used to it.
Around hundred kilometers drive to Bifröst where there is a lovely and luxorious accommodation with an outside hot water pool.
in the snow
some more waterfalls

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