in the snow

After breakfast we meet our super vehicles. Two jeeps and one bus kind of thing.
One of the drivers, Láki, agrees to speak Icelandic with me. Finally someone.
The road to the back door of the waterfall has beed chained off by a local farmer yesterday, in addition to a sign that the road is locked. After having fished several tourists with their Toyota Yarises out of the snow. Because it doesn't matter that the road is closed, they still go. And we with our super jeeps also still go, just drive past the roadblock. It has been around minus seven in the night, the sky is clear and snow carries us well. I wonder what the snow will be like with this sun by the time we drive back. It is 25 kilometers to the waterfall.
It does not take long until one of the cars sinks through the snow. It gets pulled out quickly. Under the snow is quite a nice amount of water and in lower places the snow is thinner. We drive next to the road for a change. Not that difference between the road and offroad would be much noticeable. All one big white field. Next the bus sinks through and it takes more time to get this out. The first time. The second time even the two jeeps can't handle it and a third one is called for help. The more they drag, the more the bus sinks and the bigger pool appears around the work area. The snow keeps on melting. On the road ahead is a big blue icefield. We could not go through this, even without the bus.
One needs to take a long walk for toilet, until turning into a dot. Sandwiches and hot water are distributed. Four drivers are knee-deep in water and shovel snow from under the bus. Tourists don't even have the energy for taking pictures anymore. But there is cheering when the bus finally stands with four wheels on snow. And it didn't even take half a day. So we approach the waterfall from where eveyone else. We are given snowshoes as consolation. Láki has never used something like this and is thrilled. We spurt ahead with the other driver because the others are kind of slow. Again a chance to practice Icelandic.
There are two waterfalls, Selfoss ans Dettifoss. The second one is bigger than the first one. The first one has cooler canyon and the second one would actually really be nice from the other side. A rainbow forms from water drops. The snow is 2-3 meters deep at places but carries us well. The driver tests the ice but this doesn't carry him. The water under the ice doesn't carry either and is quite deep. Pulling him out is a bit of a challenge because I have a tripod in one hand and he's about three times heavier than me. The rest of the way back he discusses why this might of been good and how good that he did all his stupidities before facebook and youtube. In addition he suffers under the combination of fresh tattoo and wollen sweater.
Before dinner there's an option to go photograph the sunset but we're late and end up hanging out in a bar.
In the night some aurora borealis is exhibited.
weird landscapes
end of group travel

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